Attach notes to events

Attach notes to events

As for tasks, notes can be attached to events, allowing you to augment those events with more information.

And because those notes are private, nobody can access them but you, even if there are multiple participants.

Those notes can be used to better define a meeting ahead of time and/or write the meeting's minutes. Students use on the ability to extend events to take class notes. It's really up to you to use them the way you want to augment your workflow!


Notes cannot be shared at the moment but it will eventually be made possible 😉.

🔙 Access past meetings

On the right-hand side of every meeting, Routine displays all the past meetings that involved the same participants.

This is very handy to quickly read through the notes you took in the previous meetings and refresh your memory.

But Routine goes a step further and displays the tasks that you created in the notes of those meetings and that have not been completed.

It could be a task for yourself that you failed to perform or a task that you delegated to one of your colleagues. In any case, with Routine, you quickly get a critical and contextual information without leaving the current meeting.


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