Agenda, console & recurrences

Sorry for the massive radio silence. We've been very hard at work to stabilize the core components of the desktop app, most notably the keyboard shortcut that invokes the console for it to be blazing fast and stable. This is now the case!

In addition, we decided to reduce the scope and ship something simpler for now but that works well. This is why you might be surprised to discover that some features have disappeared (schedule with slots, logbook, dashboard with daily notes etc.). Do not worry, they will be back very soon...

🎈 New Features

  • New console that is blazzzing fast to invoke
  • New Agenda view that features Priorities and Today lists
  • Ability to create recurrent tasks
  • Ability to star tasks (displayed in as Priorities)
  • New Upcoming view that lists all the future events; this is where you will find your snoozed and recurrent tasks

🔧 Fixes & Improvements

  • Too many to list but definitely a good thing 😎