Event creation, default calendar & event notifications

Event creation, default calendar & event notifications

I am very happy to announce that Routine Desktop 0.9 is now available publicly. This release contains a lot of improvements in particular regarding stability and performance, but not only…

🍾 New Features

  • A simple user interface has been introduced for creating events.
    1. In addition, some improvements have been made to the event properties:

    2. Participants: you can now add participants by their email address even if you do not have them in your contacts
    3. Location: you can enter an address and rely on the auto completion to quickly select an existing physical location
    4. Create events/meetings
      Create events/meetings
  • You can now define the default calendar (Settings/Calendars) in which events will be created when you drag & drop a task onto your calendar.
  • Define the default calendar
    Define the default calendar
  • Events can now be edited when opened.
  • Every edited property is highlighted in blue until you decide if the participants should be notified.

    Note this will been further improved in the next release with the ability to discard changes.

    Edit events/meetings
    Edit events/meetings
  • Event notifications are now available, letting you know of upcoming events 10 minutes prior:
  • Event reminder
    Event reminder
  • You can now delete tasks without having to complete/ignore them first. Just use the ... submenu once the task is opened
  • As a bonus, you can delete tasks when selected with CMD+BACKSPACE.

  • Routine now supports displaying hours in both formats (24h and AM/PM).
  • Other time preferences can be defined in Settings/Preferences.

  • You can now delete your account, wiping out all information related to your account: tasks, notes etc.
    1. Your Google Calendar events are however left untouched! As for your Google Contacts, Routine cannot edit/delete them anymore (see next).

      If you had created several Routine accounts in the past and wanted to merge them all, it is now possible:

    2. Connect to the Routine accounts you are no longer using and delete them: Settings/Advanced
    3. Log in to the Routine account you are using on a daily basis
    4. Go to Settings
    5. Connect all your other Google accounts
    6. You can find more information in the knowledge base.

✂️ Improvements

  • You may have experienced a bug with Google’s authentication system, mentioning the Routine was not a verified app.
  • This issue has since be resolved and was related to the point next.

  • We reduced the permissions that Routine requires to import your Google Contacts.
  • Previously Routine required full access to your Google Contacts. This was downgraded to read-only access instead.

  • When in an opened event, you can now use CMD+J to open the conference call automatically
  • Performance of the app has been drastically improved 🎉.
  • If you feel it is not good enough yet, do let us know so we can continue improve it!

  • You can now move an event from one calendar to another one which does not belong to the same Google account
  • Buttons have been added in Today and Inbox to add tasks without using the console
  • Quick input “Add task …” button
    Quick input “Add task …” button
  • Free/busy calendars are now being imported like any other calendar and events are properly displayed with the busy title.
  • Events in the Planner now display the parent and the notes icon if there is enough space
  • Parent & notes indicator displayed in the allocation (i.e task in calendar)
    Parent & notes indicator displayed in the allocation (i.e task in calendar)
  • Clicking out of the Add task... input field now creates the task instead of canceling
  • And many bugs were fixed to make the app more reliable…

🎯 Coming Next

We have started working on the following which you will see included in the desktop apps very soon:

  • Improved user interface and flow for creating/editing events
  • Support for creating/editing recurring events
  • Gmail integration
  • Improved Notion integration
  • Keyboard shortcuts (finally!)

For more information, do not hesitate to refer to the roadmaps and upvote for your favorite features.

🤗 Shout Outs

We cannot thank you enough for all the support and the effort you put in reporting bugs and suggesting features; but also being so understanding of the fact that we are still a small team working tirelessly to build the next generation productivity app.

Fletcher A., Abeshek P. A., ahp, Alex P. Andre, Andrea S., Aryan, Ankur A., Ash I., automatic_pea, Aziz, B-Shee, Benjamin T., boxnewyork, Brian S., Bruno F., chris_edapt, Daniel, danki, David S., Delacruso, Delbert T., deon, diez.fran, Dmitry S., Doc W., duttaoindril, Edgar F., Edouard B., James B., emogil7, Enrico M., FX F., G2e, Gustavo, haveanicedavid, hokaien, Devang M., jgentes, Julia H. F., juscas13, Akihito K., Kayla M., kwondoeon, littlebit, Lorenzo221, Dion, Manoj N., Massey, Mikael T., Mike McD., mynhardt, mzilner, Gaute B., nkejeh, Ogeh E., Orkhan, Pnm901, rajif7, Randy A., ricardoescoelho, robert, s00perpig, Sandro L., sasaki.2145, sathwik, scapeshift, Seth J. G., sweisma2, tatelax, thespindog, Thibaut N., Todd W., user8923, vytautassatas, whon, Kuan-Ting Y, Yousuf A. C.

🙏 Asks

So far we have been building Routine quietly and closely with you.

It is now time to show the world what Routine is all about. And we need your help!

We would be extremely grateful if you could:

  • Write a quick testimonial that will be displayed on the website
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