Current time

Routine 0.0.3 is out. Go to Settings and hit Check for Updates.

🎈 New Features

  • A line NOW indicates the current time in the Agenda view
  • Task-related events now have a checkbox for them to be marked as completed directly from the Agenda view

🔧 Fixes & Improvements

  • New agenda view to better display the events in slots
  • Weekends have been added to the Schedule (try not to use them and relax 😊)
  • You can now hit CTRL-space a second time to close the console while preserving the state of its content
  • Nice and explanatory home screen in the app before redirecting to Google OAuth
  • Improved the dark mode
  • Improved the ESC keyboard shortcut for getting out of some screens

📻 Various News

  • We are looking for our first Lead Frontend Vue.js Developer. If you know someone, please let us know.