ESC/ENTER shortcuts

Version 0.2.10 is out with a lot of bug fixes and improvements. Below are the most important ones.

🍾 New Features

  • ESC can now be used in most views to go back to the upper (hierarchically speaking) view
  • ENTER can be used in most views to validate (e.g deleting a page)
  • We added the timezone information to the Settings view. Some people still have some time-related problems; you can check that the timezone value is correct and let us know if not

✂️ Fixes & Improvements

  • The fatal error that followed reloading the app "getFlag error" has been fixed
  • When the date changes, the Agenda view scrolls back to the top
  • The dashboard now highlights only the current and next events
  • Dark mode is now applied to the dashboard without the need to reload the app
  • Clicking on the conference (Zoom, Google Meet etc.) link of the event no longer opens the event
  • Opacity has been added to the dashboard's background
  • Breaks are better displayed in the Agenda view
  • Embeds in notes have been improved
  • A template has been provided in the task description to use embeds
  • Navigation in notes through keyboard arrows has been fixed
  • A small visual glitch when switching from Inbox to Upcoming has been fixed
  • Clicking on the '+' button when on another day now pre-fills the console with the correct date (instead of "today")
  • Display the event organizer first in the event view
  • The icon for scheduled task in the Upcoming view has been changed from a "zzz" to a clock; makes more sense
  • Fixed the arrow navigation in note templates
  • When selecting a template, the cursor is now put at the end
  • Fixed a stack overflow when loading dozens of calendars with hundreds of events

🎯 Next Focus

We continue to work on polishing the app to increase consistency, fix bugs and apply the new design.

It might not feel like it but we are almost there... 😎

🤗 Shout Outs

  • Christian P
  • Daniel
  • Yannick
  • Patrik
  • Yves