iOS notifications and faster launch

iOS notifications and faster launch

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🍾 New Features

  • Notifications (a.k.a event reminders) are now being sent to your iOS device 10 minutes before an event starts
  • iOS event reminders
    iOS event reminders

    ⚠️ You should get a pop-up asking for permission to receive notifications. If you do not see this pop-up and do not receive event reminders, consider deleting and re-installing the iOS app.

✂️ Improvements

  • It now takes less than a second to open the Routine app on iOS, allowing you to start creating a task, note or event as the app continues to load.
  • Note that the calendar events may take a bit longer to appear because Routine needs to fetch the information from Google Calendar’s API. But do not worry you can capture as events continue loading.

    This will later be improved when we roll out the offline mode.

  • The bug making the keyboard disappear when launching the app has been fixed
  • Dark mode switching on iOS 17.0 has been fixed
  • Fixed the inbox not loading when empty
  • Improved widget refreshing speed

🎯 Coming Next

  • We are working on supporting references so you can link your objects (events, tasks, people, pages etc.) in notes

For more information, do not hesitate to refer to the roadmaps and upvote for your favorite features.

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