Monthly & 5-day views

Monthly & 5-day views

We are very happy to introduce two new layouts for the calendar: 5-day & monthly.

Both new layouts are available exclusively to Believers. Consider subscribing now!

Routine Desktop 0.17 release video

🍾 New Features

  • The monthly view features a date picker in the left pane for you to more quickly navigate through time
  • Monthly calendar layout
    Monthly calendar layout
  • The 5-day view (weekly without weekends) has been requested quite a lot.
  • Some of you even developed Arc plugins 🙂. It is now available!

    5-day calendar layout
    5-day calendar layout

✂️ Improvements

  • Because it has been some time now, we are making the right click menu available to everybody (not just the Believers) to enjoy for free
  • The right click menu allows operating all objects in Routine: tasks, events, people, pages etc. including in the notes.

    Right click menu
    Right click menu

🎯 Coming Next

In a few weeks will come:

  • References
  • Nested bullet/enum points

For more information, do not hesitate to refer to the roadmaps and upvote for your favorite features.

🤗 Shout Outs

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