New app organization

New app organization

Routine Desktop/Web 0.14 is here with a brand new organization to help you find your information more easily.

🍾 New Features

  • The Agenda and Calendar have been reworked to display, in each day, the tasks you completed and ignored
  • Completed & ignored tasks displayed each day
    Completed & ignored tasks displayed each day
  • A new Tasks screen has been introduced which includes tabs to access your unplanned and upcoming tasks.
  • Soon another tab will be added to access your recurrences while the Upcoming tab will be improved to include the postponed tasks.

    New Tasks screen with unplanned, recurrences and upcoming
    New Tasks screen with unplanned, recurrences and upcoming

    Note that the Journal has been moved to Settings for now.

  • Another screen has been introduced, named Notes, which centralizes all your notes. For now it includes your pages and the notes you take in events.
  • New Notes screen with pages and meeting notes
    New Notes screen with pages and meeting notes

✂️ Improvements

  • The designs for input fields, selected states, icons but also empty states have been improved
  • The bug preventing the Agenda from automatically switching to the current day at midnight has been fixed
  • Notes added to an event for the first time reverted in some conditions; it has been fixed
  • The settings could reset when the app was put to sleep during login. It is no longer the case.
  • And many more bugs which have been fixed.

🙏 Asks

The support we’ve received in the past month has been great! Please continue supporting us through the Believer program.

Note that by becoming a Believer today, you will secure the discounted price ($10) of your future Professional plan.

🎯 Coming Next

  • We will improve the new screens as mentioned above:
    • Recurrences tab
    • Improved Upcoming tab
  • We are focused on squashing the remaining bugs to make the app rock solid

For more information, do not hesitate to refer to the roadmaps and upvote for your favorite features.

🤗 Shout Outs

Because of the holidays, we have been a bit slow to answer emails and chat messages. Sorry about that. A special thanks to audrey, kmswannack, fungibletaco, t.krupnik, nakul.jilka, bonny, timurbogautdinov32, ekijkindevegte, Tara H., Nick R. J., wu790616, philipbhaworth, folyum, yanin g., Lukasz, prhelms86, bigchungus_bruh, joshuaemorycarter, brockamer, Richard C, alex, Virginie D., kcbusayong, nddsgn, bruce, gemlouisem, timkrupnik, hello, brokenmelancholy, Or G., mikael2900, Fabio A., clancummings, leonegod69, bcklein1, dave, jeremyhokyilee, y.lee, josef.schn7, johvinn, satya2608, Lionel S., orgilan1, Lance C., Albert, mobilemassey, Steven K., geojcg, John G., zoltan_o, vinomeister, yotins, f3f3b3, .fxf., Kevin C., Mia R., williamwong09, Robert A., vino, nowilljohn, ryanb3676, yurizambarakji, jairsian, cameron, simoncreates, mike, asmart99, jeylani, keithaltomare