New inbox & improved recurring tasks/events

New inbox & improved recurring tasks/events

We’ve been busy for the past couple of months perfecting the experience around many areas of the app.

Routine Desktop 0.15 release video

🍾 New Features

  • Following your feedback, we have launched a yearly Believer plan
  • The inbox now lists:
    • Unanswered meetings
    • Untitled notes
    • Unplanned tasks (as before)
    • The inbox has also been moved to the top of the menu.

      New inbox with unanswered meetings, untitled notes and unplanned tasks
      New inbox with unanswered meetings, untitled notes and unplanned tasks
  • Recurring tasks everywhere 🎉
    1. You can now create recurring tasks anywhere in your notes through the same natural language’s keyword already available in the console:

    2. every
    3. starting
    4. until
    5. Create recurring tasks in notes
      Create recurring tasks in notes

✂️ Improvements

  • Recurring events have been reworked to allow for more control
    • You can now choose to edit/delete this, the next or all occurrences of a recurring event
    • Edit/delete next/all recurring events
      Edit/delete next/all recurring events
    • You can now specify an end date for all-day events
    • Daylight saving time is now properly taken into account when creating recurring events
    • Regular events can be converted into recurring events (and vice versa)
    • You can now set a custom frequency for recurring events
    • Your time preferences (first day of the week, time format etc.) are now taken into account when setting a custom recurrence
  • Recurring tasks have been greatly improved as well
    • You can overview all your recurring tasks through the new Recurrences tab in the Tasks screen along with their status (running or paused)
    • Recurrences tab in Tasks screen
      Recurrences tab in Tasks screen
    • You can now delete recurring tasks
    • Future occurrences are now automatically deleted when stopping/deleting a recurring task
    • Finally, the notes of a recurring task now acts as a blueprint:
    • Recurring task blueprint
      Recurring task blueprint
      Recurring task’s occurrence
      Recurring task’s occurrence
  • The keyboard shortcuts have been further improved:
    • The associated keyboard shortcut is now displayed in the tooltip
    • Tooltip with keyboard shortcut
      Tooltip with keyboard shortcut
    • Keyboard shortcuts are also displayed in the ... menu
    • Keyboard shortcuts in … menu
      Keyboard shortcuts in … menu
    • You can now quickly add a task in the current screen by pressing CMD/CTRL+N and the focus will be put in the Add task input
    • In the dashboard’s console, you can now use ALT+ENTER to submit and reset the console’s input, allowing you to create several objects quickly
    • ALT+ENTER to submit and reset console’s input
      ALT+ENTER to submit and reset console’s input
    • You can now control the Calendar’s left/top/bottom panes with the keyboard shortcuts CMD/CTRL+SHIFT+LEFT, CMD/CTRL+SHIFT+UP and CMD/CTRL+SHIFT+DOWN respectively
    • Keyboard shortcut are now properly displayed with CTRL in the Windows app
  • Events in general have also been improved
    • The calendar name is now displayed instead of the associated email address
    • Hour formatting is honored when using natural language processing
    • When creating an event, pressing ENTER in title will submit the creation
  • Notes have also been through a bit of a relooking:
    • Pressing ENTER will put focus in the selected block
    • When viewing notes, UP/DOWN selects the last/first block
    • The / command menu has been redesigned to display both the command and associated Markdown shortcut
    • New / menu with shortcuts
      New / menu with shortcuts
  • The Ignore action on tasks has been renamed to Won't do
  • Likewise, for Hide from Agenda and Show in Agenda which replace the previously sometimes obscure terms
  • The current day is now displayed in the menu’s agenda icon
  • The Help menu has been reworked to allow re-downloading the apps and upgrading
  • And many bugs got fixed:
    • Dashboard when Notion is out of service
    • Notion never loading with accounts that have a massive number of users
    • Stack overflows when deleting recurring tasks (in some conditions)
    • Dashboard’s dark mode
    • etc.

🎯 Coming Next

We are currently working on:

  • A brand new console with a powerful contextual capture mechanism
  • The monthly calendar layout
  • References to link your objects

For more information, do not hesitate to refer to the roadmaps and upvote for your favorite features.

🤗 Shout Outs

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