New text editor & checkboxes

New text editor & checkboxes

Today is a big day: Routine 0.2 is out on macOS!

We've been silent for the past weeks because we have been working extremely hard to rewrite the whole note edition system. Until then, we were using a plugin. It was good to start with but it quickly ended up being too limiting, not allowing us to control the whole user experience.

Even though the new system is far better, we unfortunately could not re-integrate the tables yet. They will come back soon. We are very sorry for the inconvenience it will cause as you will need to re-organize your tables manually into other blocks for now 😢

🍾 New Features

  • New text edition mechanism which is more powerful than ever (Notion like)
  • In notes, create checkboxes that turn into full-fledged tasks that can be archived, scheduled and, in the future, more.
  • Create tasks in notes
    Create tasks in notes
  • Tasks can now be opened and enhanced with a media-rich description (task descriptions can contain checkboxes which become, de facto, subtasks)
  • Open tasks created in notes
    Open tasks created in notes
  • A / command has been added for you to discover and add blocks: bullet and numbered lists, checkboxes, dividers, section titles and more
  • / menu
    / menu
  • Noteworthy is that shortcuts have also been provided such as "* " to create a bullet point, "[]" to create a checkbox, "| " to create a quote and more
  • You can now easily reposition a block in the text by drag & dropping the handle (6 dots on the left side)
  • Reposition blocks
    Reposition blocks
  • You can now join calls directly from the Agenda view
  • Join calls from the agenda
    Join calls from the agenda
  • You can now create subpages with the '+' button next to a page title in the hierarchy

✂️ Fixes & Improvements

  • In the Agenda view, the line representing the current time now displays the current time instead of "NOW". Thanks @Akshay for the suggestion
  • You can now double click on the top of the app to maximize it
  • Dragging and dropping pages to organize the hierarchy has been drastically improved; it is easier to drop a page in another one to make it a subpage but also to position a page precisely between two other
  • Events in the Agenda view now have a height proportional to the event duration giving you a better sense of the day
  • Fixed a number of bugs related to authentication, time out and connection drops
  • The Electron version has been downgraded for more stability

🎯 Next Focus

We've had to focus on the text editor for the past two weeks, preventing us from improving anything else. We are now back with a stable core product. It will be easier for us to iterate.

  • Fixes regarding recurrent tasks that seem to duplicate. Sorry about that 😢
  • Many small UX improvements here and there related to notes & tasks
  • Contextual view to be able to take notes related to the current meeting

🤗 Shout Outs

  • Akshay and Yannick for all your feedback