Notion integration

Notion integration

We are pleased to announce new release for macOS (0.2.12).

🍾 New Features

  • Routine is now integrated with Notion, allowing you to pull tasks from Notion databases to manipulate them as regular Routine tasks e.g scheduling.
  • Tasks from the Notion integration
    Tasks from the Notion integration

⚠️ Because Notion's API is still new, there are some limitations e.g you must be administrator of the workspace. Hopefully Notion will fix those limitations very soon and we will update the integration accordingly.

✂️ Fixes & Improvements

  • Improved the design of the agenda view
  • Event names being editable no longer are
  • Introduced an icon to indicate that an event has notes

💡 Tips

Remember that you can use the Routine iOS app to capture articles, tweets and chat messages from your favorite apps. Just it the share button, select Routine and you'll be good to go (as shown below). The item will end up in your Inbox with a link to re-open the article, tweet etc.

iOS Share Extension
iOS Share Extension

🎯 Next Focus

  • Complete the UI polishing to provide a consistent user experience between tasks and notes
  • Apply the latest design to the menu, pages etc.
  • Fix more minor bugs and inconsistencies

🤗 Shout Outs

  • Meredith
  • Alex
  • Jared
  • Jeremy
  • Selma
  • Ben