Open meetings & take notes

Open meetings & take notes

We are happy to come back to you with some news:

  • If you had a bug that made recurring tasks duplicate, ending up with dozens of the same task, it's now fixed 🎉
  • We've just introduced the last link between tasks, notes and time; you can now click on a meeting in the Agenda view and type private notes that will be linked to the event and its participants. In the future Routine will even resurface notes from previous meetings and more.

You might know already but we've introduced a new branding ( which will soon be rolled out in the apps, macOS and iOS.

🍾 New Features

  • Ability to open a meeting and take notes
Meeting templates
Meeting templates
Meeting notes
Meeting notes

✂️ Fixes & Improvements

  • The recurrent tasks no longer deduplicate; you can now remove all the duplicates. Very sorry about the inconvenience, this bug was triggered when using Routine on multiple computers. Make sure to stop the recurrences by clicking the cross, turning them into regular tasks. Then, you need to archive these tasks as well to destroy them for ever.
  • Stop recurrence button
    Stop recurrence button
  • If you experienced stack overflows, likely this is fixed as well. Let us know if not!
  • Improved the note editor as a result of your feedback:
    • Hitting schedule no longer marks a checkbox as ticked
    • Easier now to put the cursor at the end of a note by clicking anywhere at the end
    • Likewise to put the cursor at the end of checkbox line
    • / command placeholder is no longer displayed on every empty line, just when focus is put on a line 🚀
    • Focus is now put on the title when creating a new page
    • ESC can be hit to escape the / command popup
    • We've added more shortcuts for checkboxes; all the following will work: /checkbox, /task and /todo

🎯 Next Focus

  • Bug(s) to fix:
    • Calendar events not showing up in Agenda view (or showing up several times)
    • Times not being displayed properly (timezone issue?)

🤗 Shout Outs

  • A huge thank to all of you for the overwhelming positive feedback and all the bug reports. We know it is still early and a lot of things remain to be fixed and improved but it is very encouraging to get that kind of feedback all the time 🙏
    • Ferruccio
    • Akshay
    • Charles
    • Yannick
    • Kevin
    • Paul
    • Kyle
    • Anand
    • Stephen
    • Gregory
    • Patryk
    • Bede
    • Selma
    • Alexandre
    • Taylor
    • Marie
    • Mike
    • Nickolas
    • Dillon
    • and other
  • The whole HackerNews community for the feedback