Redesigned menu

Redesigned menu

Following this week's release is another one on macOS (0.2.13) that introduces some improvements and fixes.

✂️ Fixes & Improvements

  • Many of you (yours truly included believe me!) have had problems with recurring tasks. We had shipped a first patch a few versions back but that was not enough. Here is another one, hopefully definitive!
  • New design; new menu 🎉 As a result:
    • The pages are now located in a specific Pages section. In the future you will be able to pin pages for them to be accessible at all times.
    • The Settings section has been reworked
    • New app menu
      New app menu
  • When encountering a problem with the Notion integration, there should be a more explicit error message now. Do not hesitate to let us know if something is not working propely!
  • You can now click once to select a task and twice to open it
  • Several improvements were made to the console, from characters being lost when typing quickly to the cursor jumping at the end when editing the task name to HTML special characters being discarded. The console will be greatly improved in a month or so.
  • When pages got old, the checkbox-related tasks disappeared. We fixed that so that they can now be opened and scheduled as expected.
  • We fixed the videoconference links in the event view that were broken.

💡 Tips

Some of you have expressed their dislike of Routine tasks appearing in your Google Calendar.

I wanted to explain why and tell you how to remediate it.


When we started working on Routine, we decided to iterate quickly by leveraging Google's ecosystem and APIs as much as possible. The idea was to do without our own server infrastructure for as long as we could because it meant less things to worry about (building an API, maintaining and scaling servers etc.).

As such, we decided to store the Routine tasks in the user's Google Tasks in a list specifically created for that purpose, named "Routine list", as shown below in Google Calendar.

Google Tasks’ lists
Google Tasks’ lists

Google Calendar has a special calendar named "Tasks" whose purpose is to display the Google Tasks on top of the day they are due. As you can see below in purple, this calendar displays the Google Tasks.

Google Calendar’s special Tasks calendar
Google Calendar’s special Tasks calendar

Because the tasks you create in Rontine are stored in a Google Tasks list, if you have the special "Tasks" calendar enabled, you will see those in Google Calendar.

How to fix it?

If you do not want to see them, just deactivate the "Tasks" calendar and you will be good to go!

🎯 Next Focus

  • In the next release should come various improvements around notes and tasks (when opened) in order to bring more consistency
  • You will also be able to turn a regular task into a recurrent task, and vice versa.
  • Plus many other small improvements 😂

🤗 Shout Outs

  • Romain
  • Jared
  • Felippe
  • Yannick