Reintroducing the dashboard

Reintroducing the dashboard

As you may know, we've been featured on ProductHunt on the 8th of April. The feedback has been absolutely incredible, from supporting messages from existing users (you!) to the overall community waiting to try the product out.

Product Hunt’s product of the day
Product Hunt’s product of the day

We've just released version 0.2.5 which includes a new (intermediate) design and a key new feature: the dashboard! You can go to Settings to update the macOS app 🎉

🍾 New Features

  • We have started applying the new design to the macOS app. We know it is far from the final result but given all your feedback, we felt it was better to make a first version for you to feel better 😉 A lot more coming in the next releases!
  • Today’s new design
    Today’s new design
  • The console is now becoming what we refer internally to the "dashboard". When using the keyboard shortcut (CTRL-SPACE), not only can you interact with the console to capture a task to perform later, but you can also glance at your upcoming event (without having to switch to your browser and click on Google Calendar). Likewise, the dashboard allows you to see your tasks of the day. Routine is bringing you the most important productivity information (time and tasks) in a fraction of a second. In the future, we will also allow you to take notes right from there.
  • Dashboard
  • We know how frustrating it is to close the console (now known as dashboard). We decided to make it a little bit better. You can now press ESCAPE even if you have lost the focus on the console's text field and it will close everything. Closing the console by clicking anywhere around is not as easy as it sounds. We will improve it later.
  • You can now create ordered lists in your notes through /ordered command

💡 Tips

Did you know that you can press CTRL-SPACE once more to make the dashboard disappear?

Unlike ESCAPE, it does not "close" the dashboard but hide it.

This way, you can start typing in the console, press CTRL-SPACE to hide the dashboard. Later, if you invoke the dashboard once more, the console will have the text you had started typing.

✂️ Fixes & Improvements

  • Zoom video conferencing links are better detected
  • The arrow keys to navigate a list of checkboxes have been fixed
  • The / command names were no longer displayed in the /command menu. It is now fixed
  • Document headings inserted through /h commands shared the same text
  • If you experienced a fatal error: "missing required field conferenceProperties", it should be resolved
  • Highlighting of "in X days/weeks/months/years" in the console

🎯 Next Focus

  • Apply new design completely to macOS and iOS apps
  • Bug fixing: white screen among other

🤗 Shout Outs

  • Thanks to Vineus, Ayali, Klauss, chi, Kevin, Ferruccio, Antoine, Yannick, Sebastien Akshay, Sanket, Edouard, Bede and Selma for your precious feedback
  • The whole community for your super encouraging messages on ProductHunt and Discord