Remap hotkey

A quick product update to let you know that we have released the version 0.2.8 of the macOS app. It includes some bug fixes and the ability to change the keyboard shortcut. Feel free to update the app in Settings.

🍾 New Features

  • You can now change the keyboard shortcut in Settings. We will further improve the experience in the future. For now you need to click in the text field. Then you can compose the keyboard shortcut you want to use by pressing the appropriate key sequence and clicking Validate. 🎉

✂️ Fixes & Improvements

  • The issue related to events loading on the wrong date around midnight has been fixed
  • The embedding (/embed) functionality in notes has been improved; it now supports Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo and Dailymotion

🎯 Next Focus

We've been spending the last few weeks fixing bugs.

We are going to continue doing so while focusing even more on the overall user experience consistency and applying the new design.

You may not hear from us for a week or so. But don't worry, it's for the better 🙂

🤗 Shout Outs

  • Akshay
  • losterberg
  • Jab
  • Chantal
  • Selma
  • JB
  • nightraven
  • Eskibo
  • Juan
  • Sungbumz
  • Stan
  • Charles
  • John
  • Yannick
  • Soleio