Task's parent

Task's parent

🍾 New Features

  • The parent task/page/event is now displayed next to the task. This provides better context but also allows you to quickly navigate to the upper level of the hierarchy. The example below shows a task that is located in a page named Health.
  • Task’s parent displayed next to it
    Task’s parent displayed next to it
  • Tasks with long titles are cut when displayed in lists. They now expand on multiple lines when being edited
Wrapped task titles
Wrapped task titles
  • Keyboard shortcuts can be used in more places:
    1. When editing a task name, you can trigger keyboard shortcuts to schedule, archive or open without having to validate the edition first
    2. You can also use the keyboard shortcuts when a task is open
    3. Finally, when the cursor is on a checkbox (in a note), you can use the keyboard shortcuts to quickly manipulate operate the related task: archive, schedule and open

✂️ Fixes & Improvements

  • Tooltips have been added to the menu items for more clarity. We'll further improve the icons in the future.
  • A help ('?') button has been added, replacing the old Feedback button
  • The list of the most important keyboard shortcuts has been added to Settings
  • You can now click to submit in the console; you could only hit ENTER before
  • Microsoft Team conference links are now supported for you to quickly join those calls from the Agenda and/or Dashboard
  • The error messages from the Notion integration have been improved. Let us know if you have issues with the integration. We should now be able to fix them.
  • Logging out now systematically prompts Google account selection when logging back in.
  • The dashboard has been improved for more readability. Some final touches are coming soon.
  • The date formats have been reworked to prevent ambiguity
  • Remapping the dashboard keyboard shortcut now rejects ENTER and ESCAPE
  • And many more...

🎯 Next Focus

We've spent quite a lot of time polishing the app to reach an experience that we deem good enough. It is now time to move on to integrating more of the features we promised.

The next releases will introduce the long-awaited features below:

  • Ability to drag & drop tasks in the Agenda to block time
  • A Journal representing the history of past events, archived tasks and pages.

🤗 Shout Outs

  • Khaled, Selma, Sophie, Pasha, Yannick, Felippe, Eskibo,Salvador