Text formatting, breadcrumbs & unscheduling

Text formatting, breadcrumbs & unscheduling

Routine 0.4.1 is available for macOS and brings several new features πŸŽ‰

🍾 New Features

  • You can now format text through Markdown.
  • If you do not know Markdown, you likely used one form or another. Try putting underscores (_) before and after text and it will format it as underlined e.g _example_. Likewise for bold with double stars e.g **example**, italic with single stars e.g *example*, stricken-through with tildes e.g ~example~, and links through the [TEXT](LINK) syntax.

    Markdown formatting
    Markdown formatting
  • When opening a task, page etc, breadcrumbs are now provided to indicate the hierarchy the object belongs to and allow you to easily access its parents.
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Tasks can now be unscheduled in which case the task goes back to its original state
  • Unschedule tasks
    Unschedule tasks
  • Events can be moved within the same day directly through the agenda; simply drag & drop it

βœ‚οΈ Improvements

  • Tasks can now be opened from the dashboard's widget through a single click
  • The Agenda screen has been renamed to Today
  • The way the current time is displayed has been reworked
  • Reworked current time in agenda
    Reworked current time in agenda
  • ENTER can now be used when remapping the dashboard's hotkey in the Settings
  • Moving a block in notes now displays a line
  • When opening an event, the calendar it belongs to is now displayed next to the date
  • Display the event’s calendar
    Display the event’s calendar
  • Pages are now lazily loaded. This means pages are loaded independently instead of all at once which could take minutes depending on the number of pages you have
  • When opening the Pages screen, the page that was accessed last is now put forward
  • The width has been increased for displaying task names in the dashboard's widget and in the Today screen
  • Domain names of email addresses (when opening an event) are now clickable
  • The caret positioning has been fixed when selecting a template and the Empty template is now always selected by default
  • Re-organizing pages hierarchically has been improved
  • The macOS global shortcut for opening the app has been removed so that when you remap the hotkey, the global shortcut does not stay with the old mapping
  • The bug related to the caret disappearing when the notes were saved has been fixed
  • The journal, when empty, was loading forever; it has been fixed
  • and various other UI improvements...

πŸ’‘ Tips

Not exactly a tip but we have set up a number of public resources for users to refer to:

  • The public knowledge base already contains a lot of information and will act as the reference for documenting the product, from common actions, keyboard shortcuts, productivity methodologies etc.
  • A Youtube channel has been created where we will post more videos, including a 13-minute overview of the app

🎯 Coming Next

  • The ability to create a checkbox and schedule its related task with natural language
  • Auto detection of links in text: task name, description, events etc.
  • Text formatting through a UI
  • Improved Notion integration
  • Zapier integration

πŸ™ Need Help

As you likely saw, the text formatting functionality is quite unique in the sense that, unlike most text editors, we decided to display the Markdown characters (e.g *, _, ~ etc.) when you are editing the block and hide them when you get the focus out of the block.

Text formatting when caret in block
Text formatting when caret in block

We felt this was a good compromise between easy editing without the verbosity of having the Markdown characters all the time.

But we are still wondering if this is the right approach. Tell us what you think simply by answering this email. Don't be shy, we need your help πŸ˜‡

πŸ€— Shout Outs

Pierre-Amans, Yannick, Mimansa, Grant, Jiriq, Alexandre, Sean and Fred