Time blocking & journal

Time blocking & journal

Routine's desktop 0.4 has been released with some long-awaited features: time blocking and the journal.

🍾 New Features

  • You can now secure/block time for your most important tasks by drag & dropping them in your agenda:
  • Block time in agenda
    Block time in agenda
  • You can resize any event right from the Routine interface, allowing you to better organize and stay in control of your time
  • The newly introduced journal allows you to access your past activity, from archived tasks and pages but also past events. This is particularly useful for accessing notes taken in a past meeting for instance. But it as useful for restoring a task or page that has been archived by mistake.
  • Journal screen
    Journal screen

✂️ Improvements

  • Routine now refreshes the content automatically: tasks, events etc. You can create tasks through Routine's iOS app or add/remove/change events in Google Calendar and those modifications will automatically be reflected in Routine's desktop app without the need to manually reload the app 🎉
  • Pages are now archived instead of deleted and can, as a result, be found and restored from the journal
  • You can now select a task and hit CMD+C to copy its title
  • You can also edit a task name and select part of its content for copy by using SHIFT+UP/DOWN, SHIFT+ALT+LEFT/RIGHT or even CMD+A to select everything
  • The strike-through decoration for archived tasks has been removed to increase readability
  • The most recently accessed page is now opened when going back to the Pages section
  • Out-of-the-office events are no longer displayed in the agenda
  • The creation of subpages has been moved to the page menu
  • Some bugs have been fixed:
    • Event notes that were, sometimes, not properly saved
    • Notion integration's schema error at the database level: missing required field: people
    • Checkboxes that were not converted into tasks in notes
    • Clicking on pauses in the dashboard that led to an error

🎯 Coming Next

The next few releases will include:

  • The ability to create a checkbox and schedule its related task with natural language
  • Text formatting in notes: bold, italic, links etc.
  • Auto detection of links in text: task name, description, events etc.
  • Improved display of tasks and events when opened
  • and many more small improvements

🤗 Shout Outs

  • Saskia, Yannick and Pauline for your feedback