Universal inbox & performance optimization

Universal inbox & performance optimization

We have been hard at work on a new iOS app which will very soon be released.

As a result, we had to rework a few things for all apps to work the same way which slowed us down, reason why there had not been updates for the desktop/Web apps for quite some time.

🍾 New Features

  • Many of you had requested it, the universal inbox is now here!
  • All unplanned tasks no matter where they were created (meeting, page, coming from an integration etc.) will be visible in the inbox until they get planned.

    Note that you can configure the inbox filter to see only the tasks created in specific contexts.

    Universal inbox with filter
    Universal inbox with filter

✂️ Improvements

  • The Planner’s left pane can now be resized to more easily display the tasks with a long title:
  • Resize planner’s left pane: default
    Resize planner’s left pane: default
    Resize planner’s left pane: larger
    Resize planner’s left pane: larger
  • The design of the checkbox has been changed to be less confusing
  • Redesigned checkbox
    Redesigned checkbox
  • An integration error icon is now displayed when there is an issue e.g configuration, permissions etc.
  • Error indicator
    Error indicator
  • The performance of the app has been improved, in particular for users with a lot of data
  • In some cases, the dashboard was not opening, opening in the wrong space or appearing empty. All those bugs have been fixed! 🎉
  • Likewise, the dashboard was sometime out of sync. This has been fixed as well.
  • When nothing is selected, you can now press DOWN to select the first task in a list (or UP to select the last)
  • You can now navigate between days (in agenda) and weeks (in calendar) with CMD/CTRL+LEFT/RIGHT
  • You can now select all blocks in a document with CMD/CTRL+A
  • The keyboard shortcuts have been improved for manipulating blocks in notes, in particular to select and deselect e.g with ESCAPE
  • The modals can now be operated through ENTER (validate) and ESCAPE (cancel)
  • The bug preventing Routine from stopping and forcing you to Force Quit the app has been fixed
  • The default calendar sometimes switched back to its original value. It has been fixed!
  • If you encountered a blank screen when setting up the Notion integration, it has been fixed.
  • An error should now appear. Do not hesitate to let us know so we can quickly fix it if you run into it.

  • Completed tasks sometimes appeared in the batch. Not anymore.
  • Whenever you use Add task…, enter some text and click outside, the task will now be created instead of discarded
  • Event reminders have been improved not to trigger for deleted events and allocations
  • When creating an event, changing the calendar will now adjust the email address to match the calendar’s
  • Declined meetings are no longer displayed in agenda
  • … and many many more minor improvements

🎯 Coming Next

The next versions should include

  • A brand new calendaring experience which will be more beautiful, easier and faster
  • Further performance improvements
  • Right click

For more information, do not hesitate to refer to the roadmaps and upvote for your favorite features.

🤗 Shout Outs

As usual, a huge thanks to the community for your support, it means the world!

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