Contacts, note blocks manipulation & referral

Contacts, note blocks manipulation & referral

First of all, happy new year 🎉.

It’s been quite a while since we released a new version because we were hard at work on some fundamental blocks that will allow us to move faster in the future.

Without further ado, we present you Routine desktop 0.6 😉. Fasten your seat belts and enjoy!

🙏 Asks

Routine is now a finalist on Product Hunt’s Best Product of the Year.

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Golden Kitty Awards 2021
Golden Kitty Awards 2021

🍾 New Features

  • Routine now integrates your Google Contacts through a new Person screen. You will soon be able to take notes and also access the past activity related to that person e.g meetings.
  • When in a meeting, click on the participant on the right-hand side to open the Person screen.

Meeting participants
Meeting participants
Contact’s profile
Contact’s profile
  • Existing users will likely be notified that Routine needs access to their Google Contacts:
  • Google Contacts permission warning
    Google Contacts permission warning

    To activate the Google Contacts integrations, click on the notification above. Alternatively, you can open the Settings, then Integrations and enable Google Contacts.

    Google Contacts integration
    Google Contacts integration
  • Routine 0.6 brings the ability to select and operate on multiple blocks in notes.
  • Click on the handle ⋮⋮ of the block you want to start with. Then use (SHIFT+UP) or (SHIFT+DOWN) to select more blocks. You can also use or to start selecting blocks from the current caret position.

    In addition to selecting multiple blocks, you can also copy, move and delete them at once 🤯.

    Select multiple blocks
    Select multiple blocks
  • A referral mechanism has been put in place in the app for you to invite your friends and colleagues. Just head to Settings and then Invite people.
  • For every friend that you invite, you will be granted points that you will later be able to use as credits for premium features, free months etc.

    Invite friends
    Invite friends
  • On the right-hand side of a meeting, the uncompleted checkboxes are now displayed in the past events that involved the same participants. This is quite handy to be reminded that you forgot something.
  • Uncompleted tasks in past meetings
    Uncompleted tasks in past meetings
  • The console has been improved as part of a complete rework:
    • You can now type today or tomorrow without having to specify the on keyword 😮.
    • Today & tomorrow keywords
      Today & tomorrow keywords

      Remember that if you meant to type “today” without it being interpreted as a date, you can always hit (ESCAPE) to tell the console not to interpret it.

    • New keywords have been introduced such as next:
    • Next keyword
      Next keyword
    • When creating a recurring task, you can now specify the date the recurrence starts and/or ends through the keywords starting and until.
    • Starting and until keywords
      Starting and until keywords

✂️ Improvements

  • The help menu has been reworked with a new chat capability, an improved in-app feedback submission etc.
  • Help menu
    Help menu
  • An animation has been added when completing a task
  • Tasks for which time has been blocked are displayed with a checkbox in the dashboard widgets. Likewise, clicking on such a widget now opens the task
  • The dashboard now better supports large screens
  • Wrote a step-by-step guide on how to set up the Notion integration
  • Added a tooltip when hovering tasks with a long name
  • Added a No Status choice in the Notion integration
  • Copying a task name in a list like Inbox, Today etc. removed the focus; this has been fixed
  • Fixed small bug with Markdown links that had an underscore
  • 12PM was not accepted in the console; it has been fixed

🎯 Coming Next

We are currently working on two key functionalities:

  • The console to allow you to perform more actions than just create tasks
  • A planning screen that will allow you to better organize your time

For more information, do not hesitate to refer to the roadmaps. It has recently been reworked for more clarity.

🤗 Shout Outs

Eliott, jrickel, stanleytf, nagata, luca, mju, jamie, zhewlin, LJR, Daniel, Antony, Sesha, tatelax, kayjay, nathan, s00perpig, xiaoxishicheng, sensei, Zach H., Matt, Chuck and riclib.

Thank you all for the support and constant feedback. Keep it coming 💪.