It could happen that you stumble upon a fatal error in the app (or dashboard).

In order to help us isolate the issue and fix it, please follow the instructions below.


Most of the time, when an error occurs, you will see a fatal screen that resembles the one below:


What is important to us is actually the red message that you will find below this screen; see below:



Even though this error message is valuable to us to fix the issue, it would be even better if you could provide us with the developer logs leading to the error.

When in the app, you can display the developer logs in the Javascript console by pressing CMD+ALT+i on macOS (alternatively CTRL+SHIFT+i on Windows).

It should look something like that:


You should see a red error message at the end of the logs. If you don’t see anything, try scrolling up until you see something suspicious.

Please share those logs (in a private message on Discord/Slack or through email if you feel those are sensitive) with details of the operation you performed which led to the error.

Note that the red messages Refused to set unsafe header "Content-Length" can be safely ignored, those are not fatal errors.