Google Contacts

Google Contacts


Google Contacts naturally integrates with the suite of Google products that you likely already use, from Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Tasks, Google Reminders and more.

As a result, people you interact with are automatically stored in your Google Contacts, effectively building a directory of contacts that can be extended with information such as the person’s phone number, job position or birthday.


Even though Google Contacts is quite powerful, it is also very isolated and hard to use on a daily basis.

For instance, Google Contacts allows for adding notes to your contacts. Unfortunately, opening your browser, navigating to Google Contacts, finding the contact in question to then be able to take some notes feels like an obstacle course.

Consolidate your contacts

Most people have multiple Google accounts. As a result, their contacts are scattered across different accounts, making them difficult to search and use.

By integrating Google Calendars and connecting your multiple Google accounts, Routine will build a consolidated contacts directory that is free of duplicates and that contains the most up-to-date information on every contact.

Enrich your contacts

Routine makes all your contacts quickly accessible through a search functionality.

Also, every contact can be accessed to open up the person’s consolidated profile as shown in the example below with a meeting.


In addition to accessing the contact’s profile, Routine allows you to enrich the contact with media-rich notes.

Those notes can be textual such as the points you would like to discuss during your next one-on-one meeting. But those notes can also contain regular and recurrent tasks that relate to that contact e.g tasks you had delegated to that person.

Set Up

Google Contacts is required for Routine to operate your calendars and contacts.