Invite users

Invite users

Routine is still in closed beta. A waiting list has therefore been put in place. You can register on this waiting list at

🚏 Waiting List

You can win points by inviting your friends and colleagues to Routine’s waiting list, consequently bumping you up to get your invitation before everybody else.

Once subscribed on the waiting list, you will receive an email with a link pointing to your preferences which displays your position on the waiting list along with a referral link you can share for your friends to use when subscribing.


🎟️ Referral

Existing users can directly invite their friends and colleagues to use the app.

If you know people using Routine, just ask them for an invitation.

There are two ways for existing users to invite people.

Person screen

Every person whose profile you open in Routine can quickly be invited by pressing the Invite button as shown below:



Alternatively, head to Settings and click Invite people in the submenu. Enter the email addresses of the people to invite and click Invite.

They will receive an email invitation with the instructions to download the Routine application.

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