Productivity Expert


Users ask questions, reports bugs and request features through various channels: email & chat (Discord, Slack, in app), Twitter etc.

  1. Every question must be answered to help users understand how to use the app
  2. Questions related to a bug or feature must be flagged
  3. Every flagged feedback must be attached to an existing bug report or feature request in our internal knowledge system (we use Notion)
  4. When the bug is fixed or the feature developed, users must be contacted to let them know they feedback has been taken care of


We are looking for someone to take care of customer support through the various channels, answer & cataloguing the feedback as described above.

The process is already well defined and just needs to be followed.

Ideal Profile

We are looking for someone who:

  • Has a good understanding of digital products as the person will have to learn how to use Routine to effectively answer the questions. A public knowledge base is already available with all the information: (link removed)
  • Be available to answer at least once a day to keep the community engaged
  • Uses Routine (ideally)


We estimate that this position takes approximately 1h/day.

Most often the work will be done in 20 minutes but coming back to users when a new version of the app is released can take a bit more time. This happens approximately once a month.


This part-time position could later evolve into something bigger, taking over community management, product onboarding and more if both parties agree.


Routine ( is on a mission to allow professionals and teams to stay on top of things and accomplish more.

CEOs, entrepreneurs, investors, senior executive and managers evolve in a very chaotic environment with hundreds of emails, chat messages, things going through their mind and important tasks that must be completed in time.

Even though a lot of tools exist, from email clients, todo and note taking apps all the way to project management platforms and physical notebooks, none of them work when it comes to having an overall picture of what matters at the moment while knowing that the less important stuff will eventually be taken care of.

Routine is a customizable work operating system that is always at the user's fingertips, allowing professionals to quickly capture data, organize & visualize information and plan.

Routine has been created in 2020 by Julien Quintard and Quentin Hocquet, serial entrepreneurs who previously founded Infinit which was acquired by Docker in 2016.

Routine is financially backed by well-known business angels and venture capital firms (Y Combinator, BoxGroup, Target Global).


  • An experienced team that moves quickly
  • A lot of autonomy: time, location etc.
  • A voice in every decision being taken
  • An opportunity to be a key piece in building a product used throughout the world
  • An environment for you to keep learning and further develop your skills
  • A financial interest in the company's success


The recruitment process goes as follows:

  1. Introductory call with CEO
  2. Interview with future manager
  3. Technical assignment
  4. Call with future teammate
  5. Casual time with team (if possible)


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