Join calls

Join calls

With Routine, there is no need to constantly switch to your calendar to see when your next meeting is and find out where it is taking place. You can join your next call through Routine without wasting anytime.

📋 Dashboard

The easiest way is to join your next call is to open the dashboard (^ ). You will see on the right-hand side the current and upcoming events. Simply click the video conference icon and you will be led to your call.


Clicking the widget will open the event in the Routine app, allowing you to join the call as well but also to access the event information and to take private notes.


📅 Event

You can open the event in the app and join the call by clicking the video conference icon.

Through the screen, you also have access to the list of participants, description, location etc. Most importantly, you can easily save your private meeting notes right in Routine.


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