Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts

Routine is designed for speed. As a result, the app is loaded with keyboard shortcuts to perform redundant operations as quickly as possible.


Some of the keyboard shortcuts can be redefined in the ⚙️ Settings.


  • ^ (CTRL+SPACE): open the dashboard; hide it (if already opened)
  • (ESCAPE): close the dashboard


  • ///: select an item in the list of suggestions
  • (ENTER):
    • Suggestion: validate a selected suggestion
    • General: validate the command (e.g create a task)
  • (TAB): validate a selected suggestion


  • ///: select an item in a list (e.g Inbox)
  • (ENTER): rename an item (e.g task etc.)
  • (ESCAPE): go back to the previous screen
  • (CMD+ENTER): open the item (e.g task)
  • C (CMD+C): copy the item's name


  • A (CMD+A): archive/restore a task
  • S (CMD+S):
    • Regular tasks: schedule/reschedule
    • Recurring tasks: edit a task's recurrence
  • P (CMD+P): stop a recurrence, effectively turning a recurrent task into a regular task
  • (ENTER): start editing the task's description with a blank note
  • /: select a template for the task's description


  • (ENTER): start editing the event private notes with a blank note
  • /: select a template for the event's private notes


  • (ENTER): start editing the page with a blank note
  • /: select a template for the page
  • A (CMD+A): restore a page when selected in a list



Not available yet!


  • ///: navigate between and within blocks

All task-related keyboard shortcuts work when operating on checkboxes e.g S will schedule the checkbox's task, open it, etc.

Note blocks can be created in several ways, including through shortcuts:

  • Text
  • Bulleted list: /bullet, or through the shortcut * or - followed by a (SPACE)
  • Ordered list: /ordered or through the shortcut 0., 1., 2. etc. followed by a
  • Section heading: /h1, /h2, /h3 or through the equivalent shortcuts #, ##, ### followed by a
  • Quote: /quote or through the shortcut | followed by a
  • Divider: /divider or through the shortcut ---
  • Embed (photos, videos, tweets, etc.): /embed
  • Task: /todo, /task, /checkbox or through the shortcut [] followed by a
  • Attachment: 🛑 not yet available

The text can also be formatted through the following keyboard shortcuts:

  • Bold: B
  • Italic: I

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