Organize your week

Organize your week

All task management systems are based on the notion of days. The user decides when a task should be completed, and the task pops up that day in the Today screen for it to be completed.

The problem with this approach is that it does not fit people who have very chaotic schedule and cannot know in advance when they will be working on a task, but rather reassess when things calm down and time becomes available.

Existing task management systems also automatically roll over uncompleted tasks to the next day. This mechanism has serious flaws: (i) nothing indicates that you will have more time the next day and (ii) it invariably leads to a list of tasks for Today that grows; until you reach the point where the tasks of the day do not mean anything more than “stuff to do at some point soon-ish”.

Routine works differently by organizing tasks in weekly batches.

A batch is a collection of tasks that you want to complete during a week but for which you have not set a specific date or time.

The Planner screen displays information weekly information, with the batch on the left-hand side, the events from all your calendars and under every day, the list of tasks that you have scheduled for that day.


To put a task in a specific batch, the Postpone action must be used. Please refer to

for more information.

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