Permanently delete objects

Permanently delete objects

Routine has been designed for you to collect and organize all your information, effectively building a second brain.

In the same vein as email clients now keep all your emails, the philosophy behind Routine is acts as an infinite memory. As a result, the default encouraged behavior is to archive objects rather than delete them because those can still hold value in the future.

It is however sometimes important for you to get rid of information forever.

Routine has therefore has the ability to permanently delete objects: tasks, events, pages, people etc.

As the name suggests, by permanently deleting an object, you will never be able to find it back in Routine, ever!

Only objects that are “passive” can be deleted through the Journal. As such, a task should first be completed or ignored to then be deleted. Likewise, events, pages and people must first be archived.

To delete an object, open it and use the Delete action in the ... submenu or through the ⌘/^ ⌫/␡ keyboard shortcut.

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