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Routine has been founded by serial entrepreneurs Julien Quintard and Quentin Hocquet.

Prior to Routine, Julien had founded Infinit, a company developing a decentralized storage technology (out of his PhD at the University of Cambridge), in which. Quentin was CTO. The company was subsequently acquired by Docker in 2016.

In 2018, Julien became Managing Director for Techstars in Paris, overseeing Techstars' accelerator program and managing Techstars investments in France.

After two years running Techstars, Julien and Quentin decided to team up once again and to found Routine. Quickly, Y Combinator offered them to join the next batch (W21) and accompany them in their ambitious journey.

In April 2021, Routine raised a pre-seed round with notorious venture capital firms and business angels.


Routine is a desktop and mobile app that helps busy professionals accomplish more faster, acting has a productivity central operating system.

Through a single keyboard shortcut, Routine allows users to take notes, schedule meetings and very quickly capture thoughts and tasks to perform later.

Routine takes into account one's preferences when it comes to focus time, administrative, team meetings etc. so as to organize your time in an optimal manner.

With Routine, entrepreneurs, CEOs, investors, executives and managers around the world stay on top of things and accomplish more.




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