Pre-Seed Funding


Routine raises a $2.7M pre-seed round from BoxGroup and TargetGlobal to bring a new perspective to productivity


Routine was created by Julien Quintard and Quentin Hocquet, serial entrepreneurs who previously founded Infinit, which they sold to Docker in 2016.

Julien Quintard then became Managing Director for Techstars, running the accelerator program from 2018 to 2020.

Routine was founded in late 2020. Within 3 months, Routine caught the attention of international investors and joined Y Combinator's W21 batch.

Routine is on a mission to help extremely busy people stay on top of things. CEOs, entrepreneurs, investors, senior executives, and general managers evolve in a very chaotic environment with hundreds of emails, chat messages, things going through their minds, and important tasks that must be completed in time.

Even though many tools exist, from email clients, calendars, to-do, and note-taking apps all the way to project management platforms and physical notebooks, none of them seem to work when it comes to having an overall picture of what matters at the moment.


Routine combines tasks, notes, contacts and calendar into a single productivity desktop and mobile app for busy professionals.

Routine distinguishes itself from other productivity apps in the following ways:

  1. Individual-Centric Experience: Routine is targeted at individuals, not teams, focusing on professionals' objectives: tasks to accomplish and events taking place today
  2. Dashboard: Routine's dashboard brings key information, in a fraction of a second, regarding what matters right now: tasks to complete today, upcoming events and console to interact with Routine
  3. All-in-one: By combining tasks, notes, contacts and time, Routine bridges gaps between otherwise siloed products

Funding round

Routine received a total commitment of $6.7 million for a pre-seed round of $2.7 million which was closed 4 weeks after Routine graduated from Y Combinator.

Investors in this round include Y Combinator, BoxGroup (Superhuman, Trello, Sunrise, Airtable etc.), TargetGlobal (Cazoo, BlueApron, Delivery Hero, etc.), and prominent business angels, including Matt Robinson (GoCardless & Nested), Clement Delangue (HuggingFace), Ian Hogarth (Songkick) and more.


Why did you start Routine, and what is the background story?
What is Routine's current traction?
What validation have you received from the market?
Why were the investors excited to invest in Routine?
How are we planning to use the current round of funding?
What are your closest competitors?
What did the competition recently initiate that validates Routine's vision?
How does Routine integrate with other tools and services?
What are the differences between Routine and existing products?
Where is your team located?
Are you looking to expand our team, and in what departments?



If you have any more questions, please email us at press@routine.co