Reschedule tasks

Reschedule tasks

One of the major issues with to-do lists is that they tend to keep growing.

As a result, it is common for people to keep a list of things to do which mixes both tasks that relate to time (urgent, with a deadline, etc.) with longer-term items (ideas, small things to do at some point but that would not have much impact).

Routine is designed to help you differentiate between time-related actionable items (

) and long-term non-actionable information ().

Even though Routine helps you concentrate on what is important right now, inevitably, you will sometimes fail at completing all the tasks you had set for yourself that day.

In Routine, overdue tasks are automatically reported to the next day. The problem is, they tend to accumulate if you do not do anything, leading to an ever-growing list that will end up not representing the tasks to complete today but an overview of stuff to do at some point.

📅 Assign Date

Luckily, you can easily reschedule tasks for a later day by assigning a new date, being tomorrow, next Friday, or a specific day. Either click the 📅 icon or use the S keyboard shortcut.


If you follow this principle at the beginning of the day to keep only what you feel you will achieve today, you will be a bit closer to



On mobile, you can reschedule tasks by swiping to the right.

🚧 Block time

When rescheduling a task, you may need not to pick a new date, but more specifically to block time to ensure that you will spend the time to complete this task.

Just use the time blocking functionality by specifying a date, time, and duration through the

's natural language capabilities.


For more information on time blocking, please refer to


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