We get asked a lot what features we are planning to implement next. We've put this public roadmap together for you to keep an eye on what is coming. Keep in mind that this roadmap only lists the big functionalities to come. Every 2 weeks or so, we release improvements and smaller features for you to enjoy!


Improved console interface
Feedback information under console e.g the date when setting date, allocating time etc. for users to better understand what will happen
External tasks management
Allow tasks coming from third-party services (Notion, Google Tasks etc.) to be manipulated the same way: schedule, block time etc.
Specify object's holder through console
Allow creating an object (task, event etc.) from the console and store it in another object e.g page, task description, event, person etc.
Advanced console parsing
Support dates and times without keywords e.g "something today"
Enrich people profiles with notes
Allow enrich a person's profile with private notes. Those notes could be topics to discuss during your next one-on-one meetings.
Ignore tasks
Ability to indicate that you no longer want to complete a task (not relevant anymore).
Event creation through console
Ability to create a calendar event (not a task) through the console e.g "to do on tomorrow at 4pm" or "to do on Sunday". Need to support all date and time formats. Note that the events created do not relate to any task.
Zapier integration
Provide a Zapier connector for users to enhance their workflow.
Browser-based login
Improve register/login by redirecting to the browser for the user to be able to re-user her saved credentials.
Meeting scheduling in console
Allow the user to schedule a meeting through the console by specifying participants "with Henry with Bob". This mechanism would increase virality.
Allow the user to plan her weekh (drag & drop to agenda and tasks) but also postpone tasks to later
Delete objects
Ability to permanently delete objects
Multiple accounts
Allow the user to connect multiple Google account to a single Routine profile
Specify event intention of attendance
Can mark herself as going, maybe or not going. If not going, the event disappear from the agenda. The user can also open the location (Google Maps) or join the meeting online (Zoom, Google Meet etc.)
Event manipulation in agenda
Allow to create, move, delete events directly from the Agenda view.
New complete/schedule keyboard shortcuts
Introduce new keyboard shortcuts to prevent conflicts with text edition (CMD+A, CMD+S etc.)
Objects creation in notes
Allow creating objects (events, recurring tasks etc.) in notes through +
Pin objects
Allow to pin a page, person etc. for those to be always accessible
Allow searching in tasks, events, people, pages and notes
Ability to move (drag & drop, keyboard shortcut and menu action) a object to a page, task, event, person etc.
Next Up
Time preferences
Allow the user to define time preferences through the creation of slots
Group tasks through drag & drop
Allow the user to drag & drop tasks together, grouping tasks together into an unnamed slot
Slot-based time allocation
Allow the user to allocate time for a task based on her time preferences e.g "something in Focus for 30 min"
Slack integration
Allow the user to turn a Slack message into a Routine task within Slack through an integration.
Google Tasks integration
Integrate Google Tasks (would allow the user to use the "Add to Tasks" in Gmail)
Context notes through dashboard
Contextual notes in dashboard: daily or linked to current meeting
Daily notes
Allow the user to take and edit daily notes, effectively creating a journal
Reference object
Allow referencing an object (page, task, person) through #
Allow the user to put a #tag anywhere (task name, notes, people etc.) to link information. In effect, tags would be notes with a pre-configured view.
Advanced console time blocking
Allow the user to specify a range for a task. The console displays the different openings for the given day allowing the user to select one.
Launch at startup
Add Routine to login items automatically for Routine to be launched at start up
Reschedule link in calendar events
Add a reschedule link in calendar events to help the user reschedule even events that we not created through Routine
Agenda block/allow overriding
Allow overriding schedule with periods of time for which the user enforces allowing meetings to be scheduled for instance, or blocking everything from being scheduled. Today, people creates calendar events to block time for lunch etc. Those are not good solutions.
Ignore events
The user can "ignore" an event in order to indicate that this event is no longer relevant e.g has been done already or else; an "ignored" event is removed from the agenda. This is particularly useful to clear the Agenda view when there are conflicting events (taking place at the same time); right now resulting in multiple NOW lines. Maybe "hiding" would be more relevant than "ignoring".
Actions screen
Display the action notifications received (conflicts, commute, product update, reminders, all-day events etc.) and allow the user to act upon them.
Allow users to create a new Project object in notes that would represent a special progress-led task.
Allow the user to define goals; those would be displayed in the dashboard ( These goals could even be recurrent e.g "Exercise every week". We could even go further and allow for multistep objectives e.g "Exercise 3 times a week"; would create a recurrent objective (i.e that would expire at the end of the week and be recreated every week) that would need to be ticked (?) 3 times to be completed, with a progress bar showing the percentage of completion. Another approach would be to perform X times the action to achieve the objective.
Task priority
Allow the user to specify a priority for tasks and projects.
Allow users to record/track (through keyboard shortcut) how much time they're spending on a given task. For instance, when opening a task, they could start timing and it would automatically create an event from start time.
Google Contacts birthdays actions
Fetch Google Contacts' birthdays and display them in the actions panel
Task delegation
Allow the user to delegate a task to someone else, being notified when the task changes states (postponed, time secured in calendar etc.) but also allowing the original user to request a status update. When the task is completed, it boomerangs back to the original user for review.
Reschedule tasks
The user can reschedule tasks for which time has been allocated either manually or through slots allowing, in the future, for "reschedule my morning".
Share meeting notes
Allow sharing meeting notes with participants and more people.
Bulk operations
Allow the user to select multiple objects (e.g tasks) to perform bulk actions e.g schedule, archive etc. Also allow using CMD+A to select everything: tasks in Inbox, tasks of the day, text in notes etc.
Filtered views
Allow the user to create filtered view objects
Convert note into a template
Allow users to convert a note into a template to be re-used in the future.
Meeting-specific actions
Send a notification to the user 3 days before a meeting takes place, advising to define the agenda (topics, duration etc.) and send it to the participants beforehand.
Meeting templates
Allow the user to define templates to re-use for future meetings with pre-defined location, invitees etc.
Share page
Allow the user to share a page in read-only on the Web
Allow the user to color code the tags and calendars
Inbox processing
Processing means unstacking every item one after the other, in full screen view, to maximize focus. This view will only be accessible through the Agenda view (on the processing event with a "start" button) and in the Event view (when in a processing event), see below
Offline mode
Allow the user to work offline & synchronize states when back online
Synchronize the states bidirectionnally, automatically 1) updating the local state and "reloading" the current page if necessary (including modifications made to the calendar) and 2) pushing the local modifications onto the network
Attach documents in notes
Allow the user to add attachments to notes through /attach, /upload etc.
Allow user to undo recent operations (text edition & task-related operations e.g archive)
Emoji in notes
Allow specifying an emoji by typing :
System notifications
Trigger notifications 10 minutes before an event
Schedule templates
Provide templates of schedule based on famous entrepreneurs/investors/scientists.
Contextual capture
Trigger a keyboard shortcut on a supported context (Gmail only for now) and pre-fill the console with the subject of the email and a link to it.
Slot-based browser blocking
Allow the user to associate domains (, etc.) to authorize accessing them only during those slots
Allow users to take notes that are not tight to anything and never disappear, unlike daily notes or event- or people-based notes
Time analysis
Calculate time saved from better organization but also scheduling, delegation and access to dashboard. Likewise, provide an analysis on a monthly/yearly basis of where one spent her time.
Allow the user to review her week/day.
Associate a snippet name with a page for easily pasting the page's content anywhere later
Facebook events actions
Import Facebook event reminders in the notifications view
Dashboard full screen support
Support invoking dashboard on top of full screen apps
Activity screen
Allow the user to browse at her activity in terms of achievements (tasks completed etc.)
Support for multiple versions of the same object’s content to allow rollbacking
Windows version
Port to Windows
Event conflict action
Generate an action notification is a conflict is detected between two events from the selected calendars i.e taking place at the same time
Previous app refocus
After closing the dashboard, put the previous app in foreground
Full screen support for dashboard
Allow the dashboard to be opened on top of full-screen apps
Google Reminders integration
Fetch Google Reminders and display them in the notifications
Menu bar/systray
Indicates when the next event will take place, emits a warning when approaching and display a counter when in the event while allowing for the app to be put forward to act upon the event e.g take notes. Also the menu icon could display the tasks of the day.
Text-selection-based capture
Trigger a keyboard with text selected (e.g Slack, WhatsApp etc.) and pre-fill the console with the selected text and add a link to the app/Web page; noteworthy is that it is possible (Kairn) to do this without introducing another keyboard shortcut.