Love Routine - and not only for its good looks!

Reshma Khilnani, Visiting Partner at YCombinator

I've played around with many other early stage products like Amie or Kairn but Routine's user experience is blowing them out of the water.

Ferruccio Balestreri, CTO at June

Impressive execution! Finally a calendar I can use as a task list!

Rhai Goburdhun, CEO at Takeoff Labs

As CEO of a growing startup, Routine is my lifesaver tool to better manage my time. The team is reactive on Discord to respond to any question and improve the product based on my user feedback. Thank you again for what you are doing guys 👏

Romaric Philogene, CEO at Qovery

As an early adopter, I can say that I've been dazzled by Routine's execution. They ship the features we ask at light speed! As a result, the app is getting more and more ingrained in my daily routine. Kudos 🙌

Arnaud Weiss, CEO at HeyAxel

I have been using Routine everyday for a month now. Very easy to use for meeting notes and put aside tasks to be done. Well done to the Routine team.

Edouard Petit, CEO at Magma

Been using it for a couple of weeks now and I love it! Congrats team!

Alex Louisy, CEO at Upflow

Amazing tool to keep track of notes & task at the same place and organize my day. Thanks to the team !👍

Marc Morel, CTO at Mondaycar

Simply a must have!

Matthieu Pollet, CEO at LoungeUp

I’ve tried about everything on the market over the past 10 years, from the Sunsama of the world, to all the Pomodoro and todo apps. This is the first time that I stick to one after using Routine for the past 2 months. And I love the integration with Google Calendar and Google Todo. Search no further. This is it!

Clement Cazalot, Managing Director at Techstars Boston

Great app! Gives a lot of structure to my work and helps me manage my time so much better! Thanks for releasing it!

Eliott Jabes, CEO at Stockly

The best of the best! Saving time and my personal life thanks you for it!

Ugo Weyl, CEO at Koala

Great job so far. 👏 The last features added and the brand new design allow me to focus on what matters most: productivity. I can't wait to see the new features to come. I have the same feeling I got when I discovered Notion a few years ago: I see the deep potential of the product and the team velocity. 🚀

Alexis Jamet, CEO at Bunkr

I've been looking for the perfect productivity mix for so long [calendar + tasks + notes] and as a diligent user for a while now, I'm happy to declare: here it is :) Well done, keep on pushin'

Kevin Straszburger, CEO at krak

User since (almost) day one. I'm thinking about reducing the number of other tools I use everyday - good job team Routine 👌

Yannick Mathey, CEO at Prototypo


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