I cannot connect an additional account; I get ”There is already a Routine account associated with this email address”

This error occurs because the Google account you want to connect is already used by another Routine account.

You need to “disconnect” that Google account to be able to use it.

Below, we refer to:
  • email address as the email address of the Google account you are trying to connect to your main account
  • main account as the Routine account you want to continue using in the future
  • old account as the Routine account which uses the email address (Google account) you are trying to add to your main account

Please follow the procedure below:

  1. Log out of Routine
  2. Log in Routine with your old account
  3. Most likely you are not using this account but do check that there is no information worth saving: tasks, pages etc.
  4. Still connected to your old account, go to Settings/Advanced
  5. Click the text Delete your account
  6. ⚠️
    Make sure all the information from this account has been saved; all the data from this account will be permanently deleted!
  7. You should automatically get logged out of Routine
  8. Close the Routine application
  9. Open your browser and go to your Google Account
  10. It can be accessed directly at this URL:

  11. If your browser is connected to multiple Google accounts, make sure this is the Google account associated with email address
  12. If not, you can switch the account by clicking the avatar at the top right corner.

  13. Once the right Google account (email address) selected, go to Security
  14. image
  15. Scroll down and open Third-party apps with account access
  16. image
  17. Click on Routine to expand the section
  18. image
  19. Click the REMOVE ACCESS button to reset Routine’s permission on this Google account
  20. Relaunch the Routine app
  21. Log in with your main account
  22. Go to Settings/Accounts
  23. Connect the Google account associated with email address which was failing before
  24. It should work now! 🎉


How can I capture on Android?

The Android app is still in development and should be released publicly around the beginning of 2024.

In the meantime, you can use a Web browser on Android to use a simple interface to capture your thoughts, ideas & tasks on Android.

Below are some tutorials to capture your tasks, thoughts and ideas on Android:


Launch Routine at startup

You can have Routine start at login by doing the following

  • Right click on the Routine app icon in your macOS Dock
  • Hover over Options in the menu
  • Check Open at Login
Connect another Google account not to lose access to Routine

It often happens that one signed up to Routine using her professional Google account e.g

It also happens that you leave a company to work for another one, start your own business or else.

What will happen to your Routine account if you cannot connect to Routine with your old professional Google account?

To prevent this situation from happening, simply

to your Routine account so you can log in through any of them in the future.

I have zoomed in the app. How can I reset the zoom to the default?

Just press CMD+0 (zero) on macOS or CTRL+0 (zero) on Windows.


How can I use labels/tags in Routine to organize my data e.g personal, work etc.?
How can I hide completed tasks in notes?

It is not yet possible but there are workarounds.

The most common way is to create a heading for that purpose e.g Archive.

Then, whenever you would like to hide a completed task, simply drag & drop it under the heading.

You can even toggle the heading to hide everything in it.



Hide the dashboard

If you have opened the dashboard but you want to quickly check something without losing what you had already typed, simply hide the dashboard and resume when you want.

Open the dashboard (with ^ ), start typing in the console, and hit ^ once more to hide the dashboard. Then, re-open the dashboard (with ^ again), and the text you had started typing is still there 🎉.

Something missing? Send us a message by email, chat (see
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