Block time for important tasks

Block time for important tasks

Calendars are used for scheduling meetings by creating an event and adding participants. As a result, all meetings inherently end up in one's calendar.

Unfortunately, the objectives one must accomplish throughout the week cannot be transposed into time as easily as meetings.

This is a very limiting aspect of calendars.

If one does not secure time for her most important tasks, this time will likely get filled with other less important matters, often by other people.

Routine allows you to block time for your most important tasks through the desktop app's interface or when capturing a task through the console.

🕹️ Drag & Drop

You can drag a task from the Tasks of the day section and drop it onto the agenda, automatically creating an associated event in your calendar.


As for regular events, you can resize the time blocks associated with your tasks.

⌨️ Console

Whenever you open the dashboard to capture a task, you can tell Routine to also block time for this new task.

Open the dashboard (^ ) and use the console's natural language to indicate a date (on), time (at), and duration (for) as depicted below.


For more information on the console's natural language capabilities, see



Unfortunately, time blocking is not yet supported on mobile.

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