The term console refers to the command bar you use to issue orders, save information, and search.

The console is part of the

but is also present throughout the app to perform basic actions like scheduling a task, making a task recurrent, searching, etc.

In other words, whenever you interact with Routine through text instead of clicking, the console is involved.


The Routine mobile app does not yet provide the natural language capabilities you will find in the desktop app.

👩‍💻 Commands

For now, the user needs to follow strict rules, using special keywords for the console to understand what is meant. Below are described commands with the use of the keywords in question.


If no keyword is provided, the Routine console will create a task named based on the text provided in the console and store this new task in the Inbox for you to reconsider later.



To schedule a task, the console needs the on keyword to be used to specify the scheduled date.

If other keywords are used, the console will consider that this is not scheduling but another, maybe more specific, action.


  • Get a haircut on Monday
  • Call accountant on today
  • Submit tax report on September 22

Block Time

To block time with the console, you need to specify a date, time, and duration.

While the on keyword must be used to specify the date-time must be blocked, at must be provided to indicate the time while for must precise the duration needed.


For now, the at keyword cannot be used without its for counterpart.


  • Prepare email draft on Monday at 2pm for 3h
  • Call lawyer on December 1st at 10am for 15min

For more information on time block, please refer to



To recur a task, the console needs the every keyword to be used to specify the frequency of the recurrence.


  • Call parents every Sunday
  • Schedule yearly review every year

🤔 Completion

The console comes with a powerful completion mechanism which suggests the most likely text you would type following keywords.

We advise you to make use of this mechanism as often as possible because it saves a lot of time by only partially typing the text and hitting (TAB) or to validate the element you are looking for.

🙅 Escaping

Sometimes you want to type text that include a word that the console interprets as a keyword e.g in, on, every etc.

In order to tell Routine's console not to interpret a word, just hit when on the keyword or when suggestions are provided and the console will consider the input as normal text.


🎭 Formats


Dates can be specified by following several forms:

  • Day: Friday, Monday, etc.
  • Month: September etc. in which case Routine converts into a full date for the 1st day of the given month
  • Date: December 14th, the 12th of February 2021, etc.


The time formats supported are:

  • AM/PM: 2pm, 10:30am etc.
  • 24h: 11, 19:45 etc.


Durations are straigtforward:

  • Minutes: 30m, 30min etc.
  • Hour: 1h, 2h15, 1h30min etc.

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