Contextualize information

Contextualize information

Routine has been designed as a personal knowledge management (PKM) system. This system is composed of object of different nature, from tasks that can be planned, events that take up some of your time through one of your calendars, people you interact with and pages to take notes on a specific topic.

Even though Routine allows for quickly capturing thoughts, ideas etc. (see

), information often needs to be organized.

Unfortunately, most apps either allow to quickly capture without any organization, or support organizing data but require several clicks to select where to save the item being created.

Routine takes the best of both worlds.

👉 Redirection

Whenever you capture something in Routine, you can use the

’s redirection mechanism to specify in which object (sometimes referred to as the holder or parent) to save this new information.

You can specify the holder/parent by using the > character in the console followed by the name of the object (or calendar if you are creating an event).

You can even go one step further and specify under which heading (H1/H2/H3) to save the item through the use of the / character.


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