The dashboard is one of the most important components of the Routine product, providing key productivity information within a fraction of a second, anywhere on your desktop.

Overview of the dashboard
Overview of the dashboard

🤔 Why?

As a busy professional, you have many meetings to attend, many requests coming your way through email/chat, and a lot of tasks that need time to get done.

Unfortunately, your day feels like switching from one app to another to get the most basic information: When is my next meeting? Where is the link to join the call? Do I have time to get a coffee, or am I late? I've got some time to focus; where are my tasks for the day? And so on and so forth.

We introduced the concept of dashboard because we were tired of constantly context switching between apps just to get that basic information. Those few seconds matter and can definitely derail your momentum for getting things done.

🙉 Usage

The Routine dashboard provides all of that information (tasks of the day, upcoming events, etc.) within a fraction of a second through the hotkey ^ (CTRL+SPACE).

You can change the hotkey to the keyboard combination of your choice in the ⚙️ Settings.

The dashboard is always available through the hotkey anywhere on your desktop. You could be in a Zoom call, working on a document, or answering emails; the dashboard is always one keystroke away; just hit the hotkey!

Then, when you are done, just hit (ESCAPE) or click anywhere outside the widgets to close it.

Hide the console

If you have opened the dashboard but you want to quickly check something without losing what you had already typed, simply hide the dashboard and resume when you want.

Open the dashboard (with ^ ), start typing in the console, and hit ^ once more to hide the dashboard. Then, re-open the dashboard (with ^ again), and the text you had started typing is still there 🎉.

📋 Widgets

The dashboard brings you different kinds of information in the form of widgets.


In the left widget, the tasks you scheduled for today are listed. You can easily interact with a task by clicking to mark it as complete, open it, or even reschedule it.


On the right-hand side, a list of widgets represents the time:

  • Pause widgets indicate how much time you have before the next event. Those are particularly useful for knowing how much time you can dedicate to a task.
  • Event widgets provide all you need to know about events. You can click the conference call button to join it, click the widget to open the event and take private notes, etc.

🖥️ Console

The console allows you to interact with Routine, to capture a task, save an idea, block time in your calendar, schedule a meeting and more.

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