Inline scheduling & instantaneous checkbox-to-task

Inline scheduling & instantaneous checkbox-to-task

Routine macOS 0.5 is now available, bringing a lot of improvements and a brand new feature.

⚠️ This new release comes with a new internal API that offers a faster and more fluid experience. If you use the mobile app, you should first launch the macOS app to perform the migration before launching the iOS app.

🎉 TechCrunch has recently covered Routine. You can read the article.

🍾 New Features

  • Checkboxes now benefit from the same functionalities as the console, allowing you to assign a date with natural language
  • Natural language planning of tasks in notes
    Natural language planning of tasks in notes

✂️ Improvements

  • Checkbox now turn into task instantaneously, allowing you to open and scheduling them without having to wait a few seconds
  • Operate tasks created in notes right away
    Operate tasks created in notes right away
  • The /embed functionality has been reworked, allowing you to edit the link and delete the block
  • Embed multimedia in notes
    Embed multimedia in notes
  • The dashboard's task widget has been changed to display longer task names
  • The agenda now refreshes whenever you change screen
  • Fixed the issue with links containing underscores that were interpreted as Markdown
  • Fixed the issue when rescheduling a task whose name contained an emoji 🚀
  • Fixed a bug related to losing focus in notes
  • Improved automatic link detection not to take into account a word followed by a colon
  • Fixed a bug when drag & dropping tasks between the agenda and the tasks section
  • Archived pages now display a banner
  • The Notion integration has been improved:
    • Checkboxes can be used to represent the task status
    • You can define multiple statuses for Notion tasks not to be imported
    • You can now configure the status of a Notion task being restored from the journal
  • Notifications have been reworked allowing you to click it to open the object it relates to
  • A QR code has been added to Settings to download the iOS app
  • The onboarding screens have been reworked

💡 Tips

Did you know that you can block time directly through the console? Discover how in this article.

🎯 Coming Next

  • A new onboarding experience
  • Zapier integration
  • CMD+CLICK to open links
  • The ability to format text via a menu
  • Improved Notion integration not to require admin rights

🤗 Shout Outs

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