Routine launches a calendar 2.0 with an integrated planner

Key Points

  • Routine is launching the first-ever calendar combining task management & notes taking
  • Routine’s planner displays all the tasks, emails & chat messages next to one’s calendars, allowing users to have an overview of their work
  • Users can finally block time for their most important tasks through a simple drag & drop
  • Routine avoids context switching between multiple apps, saving users the 10 minutes it takes to get back to work after experiencing a distraction
  • Founded by serial entrepreneur Julien Quintard who previously sold a company to Docker before becoming Managing Director at Techstars


Routine has just launched the next generation calendar with an integrated planner.

The Planner provides a week-based view, unifying all your calendars next to your tasks which are imported from the various apps and services users rely upon on a daily basis such as Notion, Gmail, Slack etc.

The Calendar screen with the tasks of the week
The Calendar screen with the tasks of the week

Julien Quintard started Routine after interviewing and interacting with thousands of startups as part of his role of Managing Director at Techstars Paris.

The recent addition to the Routine Calendar acts as the perfect solution for achieving balance between meetings and tasks and increase concentration by removing frequent switching between calendars, task & project management and notes taking apps.

According to research, it can take up to 9.5 minutes to get back into a workflow after switching between digital apps. Nearly half of workers report that context switching is a drain on their productivity.

  • 45% of people say context-switching makes them less productive.
  • 43% of people say switching between tasks causes fatigue.

With the new integrated Routine Calendar, you no longer have to worry about managing your time on an app (calendar) and managing your tasks on a different app (todo list).

Here is what Julien Quintard (founder & CEO) had to say about the latest update:

For the past few years, the legacy tools haven’t addressed the problem of context switching and have become mostly a stop-gap solution that the user has to bear to get things done. With Routine, integrating the calendar and the planner, we give users a better overview of their time and their task without having to context switch.

Apart from an integrated calendar, Routine has also invested significant engineering resources into building all the essential features that are non-negotiable for the average user.

Quentin Hocquet (co-founder & CTO) states that:

Building an integrated calendar with tasks is one thing, however, there is a high threshold of features that the average knowledge worker demands from their calendar app.

Quentin adds:

Some of the features include the ability to postpone tasks to later weeks, take notes on meetings and more so our development team went all-out to build those features and beyond to ensure that Routine’s user experience is second to none.

Routine is free to use and is now available on Windows, macOS & iOS (Android coming soon).



Routine has been founded by serial entrepreneurs Julien Quintard and Quentin Hocquet.

Prior to Routine, Julien had founded Infinit, a company developing a decentralized data storage technology (out of his PhD at the University of Cambridge), in which Quentin was CTO. The company was subsequently acquired by Docker in 2016.

In April 2021, Routine raised a pre-seed round with notorious venture capital firms (Y Combinator, BoxGroup etc.) and business angels.