Recur tasks

Recur tasks

Recurrent tasks provide a way to be reminded to perform a task regularly.

Overview of the actions on recurring tasks
Overview of the actions on recurring tasks

🔣 Terminology

There are two distinct objects involved in recurrences:

  • Frequency: the time interval at which the recurrence takes place
  • Recurrence: the core task that contains all the information about the recurrence (e.g., frequency) but also the blueprint for the occurrences themselves; it is sometimes also called recurrent task or recurrence template
  • Occurrence: the regular task which is created based on the frequency and recurrence's template/blueprint
If a recurrence has a description, whenever an occurrence is created, it will include the recurrence's description.

🧬 Creation

Recurrent tasks are created through the console. Please refer to

to learn more about the syntax.

🛠️ Manage

Edit name/description/frequency

As for regular tasks, a recurrent task can then be edited (name, description, etc.). The difference is that recurrent tasks act as the blueprint for the regular tasks that are subsequently created.

The frequency can also be updated along with different start/end dates etc.

Stop & restart a recurrence

A recurrence can also be stopped in which case no more occurrences (tasks from that recurrence) would be created.

Stopped recurrences can be accessed through the Tasks/Recurrences screen. And if you want to, you can decide to resume a recurring task.

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