Recur tasks

Recur tasks

Recurrent tasks provide a way to be reminded to perform a task regularly.

🔣 Terminology

There are two distinct objects involved in recurrences:

  • Frequency: the time interval at which the recurrence takes place
  • Recurrence: the core task that contains all the information about the recurrence (e.g., frequency) but also the blueprint for the occurrences themselves; it is sometimes also called recurrent task or recurrence template
  • Occurrence: the regular task which is created based on the frequency and template/blueprint

If a recurrence has a description, whenever an occurence is created, it will include the recurrence's description.

🧬 Creation

To create recurrent tasks through the console, please refer to

to learn more about the syntax.

🛠️ Manage

Edit name/description/frequency

As for regular tasks, a recurrent task can then be edited (name, description, etc.). The difference with regular tasks is that the recurrent task acts as a blueprint for the occurrences that will be subsequently created.

The frequency can also be updated along with different start/end dates etc.

Stop recurrence

Likewise, the recurrence can be stopped completely.


For now, stopping a recurrence converts the recurrent task into a regular task. If you want to get rid of the task altogether, you will need to archive the newly created regular task.


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