What is Routine?

What is Routine?

Routine is a personal productivity app that aims at making the lives of busy people more manageable.

♥️ Personal

Unlike most productivity apps that are designed for collaboration, Routine has been designed with the individual at the center. Everything in Routine is built towards putting you more in control of what is happening in your life, what is taking place in your schedule, etc.

It's all about you, your stuff, and your time!

For example, Routine's main view is all about maintaining focus, displaying what is happening today and the tasks that need to be completed today.


🎉 Tasks, Notes, Contacts and Time

Routine combines elements typically found in different productivity tools like notes, tasks, contacts and time which you likely manage through a few apps (to-do list, notes-taking app and calendar for example).

These concepts are too close to one another and a product integrating them together would be a lot more powerful. Besides, users are tired of constantly context switching between different apps to save and access information.

This is why Routine combines tasks, notes, contacts and time into a single productivity app.


⚡ Speed

Routine is designed with speed in mind for busy people who do not like to waste time context switching and losing focus.

As a result, you can quickly control and perform common actions on Routine using

and natural language commands. So, now you can get back to creating value, being at work, or enjoying life.


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