👁️ Authentication

Routine has been designed to provide a modern experience for busy people to take back control of their time and become more productive. Routine is therefore built on top of the following core services:

  • Google Calendar
    Google Calendar
  • Routine displays and manages all the events from all your calendars, including scheduling new meetings.

  • Google Contacts
    Google Contacts
  • Routine imports your contacts for you to easily invite colleagues to meetings and take notes on people you interact with regularly.

When signing up to Routine, you will need to grant access to those core services.

Note that the authentication process to Google Calendar and Google Contacts is assured by Google. As a result, Routine never has and never will have access to your Google password!

Even though the number of services and permissions Routine requires has been reduced to the minimum, you will need to accept three specific permissions for Routine to operate.

These permissions will be requested by Google through its authentication process and will look like the screen below:


Let us go a bit deeper and detail the three permissions Routine requests:

  1. See and download contact info automatically saved in your “Other contacts”
  2. This permission refers to what Google calls Other Contacts. Those are the people you interact with through the Google services like Gmail, Google Calendar etc.

    Any contact that you interact with (e.g receive an email from) is automatically added as a contact in your Other Contacts.

    You can easily access your Other Contacts at

    Routine requires access to import those Other Contacts so you can schedule meetings and take notes on the people you interact on a regular basis.

    Note that Routine only requires read-only access to your Other Contacts. As a result, Routine will never be able to add, edit or delete any of your Google Contacts.
  3. See and download your contacts
  4. Whenever you manually click on Add to contacts in one of Google’s services (e.g Gmail: example below), the contact is moved from Other Contacts to Contacts.


    The second access permission grants Routine access to those contacts for the same reason Routine needs access to Other Contacts: to schedule meetings, display your contacts information, take notes etc.

    Because Routine only requires read-only access to your Contacts, Routine will never be able to add, edit or delete any of your Google Contacts.
  5. See, edit, share, and permanently delete all the calendars you can access using Google Calendar
  6. This permission grants permission for Routine to manage your all your calendars.

    Concretely speaking, Routine needs this permission to manage your events: create, edit, cancel and delete events in any of your calendars.

    This is the only service for which Routine requires all permission (read & write) because the application needs to operate your calendars and events the same way Google Calendar does.

🔐 Data Privacy

Routine takes data privacy very seriously and has therefore been designed to reduce the chances of potential data leakage or attacks.

Google Verified

All the Routine applications have been verified by Google.

The company (Routine International Inc.) and its products underwent a thorough validation process granting Routine access to sensitive services like Google Calendar, Google Contacts, Gmail, Google Drive, Google Tasks etc.

Data Exchanges

Routine has been designed for the data not to go through its servers if unnecessary.

As a result, only the client application (your desktop or mobile apps) exchange information with the Google services (Google Calendar, Google Contacts etc.). The same is true with

like Asana, Gmail, ClickUp, Slack etc.

In other words, the Routine servers are never interacting directly with external services so that data always stay on your devices. This reduces the risks of leakage while increasing the performance of the application.

Encrypted Communication

All communication from and to your devices are encrypted to ensure the security of your data.

➕ More

Connect additional calendars/contacts

You can connect multiple Google accounts to your Routine account in order to manage all your calendars and contacts through a single app. See

for more information.

Connect the company contacts directory

If you want to easily invite your teammates when scheduling meetings, you can activate the

integration which will import the contacts from your company directory.

As for the other contacts-related permissions, Routine only requires read-only access to import your contacts so you can take notes, invite them to meetings and more.

Note that this integration is optional. Routine can be used without activating it.

❓ Questions

If you have any questions regarding permissions or data privacy, feel free to

us. Additionally, you can check the

Something missing? Send us a message by email, chat (see
) or through the app.