Manage events

Manage events

Routine is a calendar with tasks, notes and people. As such, you can perform all the operations you would expect from a calendar product.

Open an event

There are two ways to open an event:

  1. Through the dashboard (^ ) by clicking the widget of the event in question
  2. image
  3. In the app’s screens (Today, Planner etc.) by clicking on the event
  4. image

Join call

You can join calls either through the dashboard or through an opened event.

For more information, please refer to


Create an event

There are two ways to create an event:

  1. Directly through the dashboard’s (^ ) console
  2. Type an event name, indicate a date (on keyword), a time (at keyword) and/or a duration (for keyword) and select the Create event command.


    for more information on its capabilities.

  3. Through event-related screens like Today, Planner etc.
  4. Select a range with your mouse and the console will pop up pre-filled with a date, time and duration. You can change the name of the event which is Title by default.

    Be careful to select the Create event command and not the Create task and allocate.


Schedule a meeting

To schedule a meeting, simply create an event following one of the methods described above.

Then, through the console, use the with keyword as many times as you want to add participants.


Move & resize events

Events can be drag & dropped into a new position in the Agenda or Planner. Likewise, events can be resized by dragging the bottom part.


Only events you own can be moved or resized.


Ignore/unignore events

In Routine, events that you will attend are said to be active or while events that you track for information purposes are passive. For more information on primary/secondary calendars, active/passive events and how to control the default settings, please refer to


Even though most of the time the default settings already appropriately categorize which events are passive and active, it is sometimes useful to manually mark an event as passive or active.

Routine provides the Ignore and Unignore actions to turn an event passive/active, respectively.

Because the

and the Today screen only display active events, this allows you to really focus on the events that you will actually attend while allowing you to overview all the events of interest through the Planner screen.


Edit an event’s public description


As of right now, it is not possible to edit an event's description.

Add/remove participants


Currently, you cannot change the list of participants (neither invite nor remove) directly from the Routine app.

Indicate intention of attendance

As for most calendar products, you can indicate your intention to attend a meeting to the other participants.

Either preview the event (e.g in the Planner) or open the event to access the Yes, Maybe and No buttons.


Complete an event ahead of time

It sometimes happens that you meet with someone of your team before it scheduled time.

If you would like to free up that time to potentially schedule other tasks or events, you can use the Complete action in the ... submenu of an event.

Effectively, the event will be moved to the past to mark it as “completed”.


Archive an event

You can easily archive an event through the Archive action in the ... submenu.


Note that even though the event is no longer visible in Routine, it will still be visible through your Google Calendar.

Take private notes

You can very easily take notes for an event. Note that those notes are private to you.

For more information, please refer to


Share notes

Please refer to

for more information.